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ICS Vortex

  • Blackened Progressive Metal / Norway
ICS Vortex - Storm Seeker

Storm Seeker

Century Media Records - 2011


The Blackmobile

A mean 318
Small block gasoline
Dual side pipes, love at first sight
Double 7 evergreen

Painted flat black
One coat roll
4´´ lift behold
My 35´s have 4 wheel drive
Now hear the engine roar

I´m charging down the line
Colossus beast divine

Through time and space i plower
At 90 miles per hour

The battering ram a tower
Steam river class it stour
Now feel that V8 power

Triple six chuffed
Cab style wild child
12´´ speakers, bull horn squeaker

Red velvet, shiny chrome
Satanic pimp a*s dome

Jump my wagon, ride the dragon
Into the sunset under the horns

Odin’s Tree

When water is pouring in and all the rats are jumping ship
Beware the hanged man´ stare ´coz he was there as
you are here on the edge

Sacrifice a victory, renounce and you will gain
See loss from a new perspective, insanity makes sane
Receive control by letting go, move forth by standing still
Free your mind of false securities, rise above this hill

The wisdom of the hanged man. Complex. Simple
Mysterious and open, when visiting the edge
Use him as a dredge to deepen shallow waters,
a wedge to force a way
Chanting on a lie will not make it true one day

Surrender to higher wisdom, reverse and you´ll advance
Navigate your naked soul, contentment gives a trance
Erase your grip and calm your waters, take time now just to be
Cut the anchor that pulls you under
Loose the noose, now you are free

The wisdom of the hanged man. Complex. Simple
Mysterious and open. When you walk the blade
You must learn the trade

Shark infested waters carry you to open sea
From darkened skies the sun arise
you equalize as dead weight vaporize

When your ship comes in one day
When planks click into place
The lessons learnt will shine in you
The glory on once burnt

Pass the tale of rats at sea
Be sure to get it straight
When you hang in Odin´s tree
The runes received are never ever free


Where cold winds blow strong
At the heart of winter I belong (yeah!)
Where the oceans rise
There can be no compromise
In this majestic Pagan land
We are fit to withstand
All religious fools
Who try to bend a free man

From my hall I can see all four corners on a bright day
White north, grim east and the western world at my feet
And the horizon to the south where the beast bites its own tail
When I am tired of days, that is where I will set sail

Rise your horn, let´s drink drink to health
In our domain where will is wealth


I´m taking over now
What you call control I´ve ceased
Now on your knees

I´m all you ever need
I´m your light in life
Your guide to pure delight

And if you disobey
Eternal doom is what you pay
Team up with me I say
Bliss or torture on a tray

Invest your soul, do as your´re told
Life is short for whom the bells toll
You don´t have to doubt again
To fight again
To ever feel no pain again

My fields are evergreen
Like my love for you
As least as long as you stay true

And if you disobey
Eternal doom is what you pay
Team up with me I say
Bliss or torture on and on....

Feeding in my mind
Moments black in time
What was left behind
Me, you
I reach out my arms but if fades
And slips
I can´t remember what it was
Now I know its lost


All in, bring on the gin
Stakes are high, that´s no reason why
I should not roll the dice and try
Will I sing or will I fly?

Lucky pips, doubles the chips
Next station up, a table with flop
You know I´m on a roll
When my fortune is building tall

Nothing lasts forever
Here I go it´s now or never
To lose however. Il duce is too clever

R****d lucky card
To my dismay the river washed away
What I just made today
Oh, I´ll re-buy anyway

Now to walk the distance
I´ll make them bleed, guaranteed
Squeeze the play
Make a new day

Cripple the deck, rule the table
Heads up. Small fish fry ´em all
Behold my snake eyes
Always control the other player
Gut shot a straight to break his b***s

Nothing lasts forever
here I go, It´s now or never
Winner takes all. Showdown unfolds

It looks fine, the bullets are mine
I flop the dead man´s hand
Oh, well I´ll still make a stand
The turn is ace of spades
The river a swan to pocket eights


So I have been a stranger for a while
Doesn´t mean I don´t love you
I cleaned up, won a lovely wife and child
Time flies
Wish we could be closer
So I write these lines to tell you

Obvious enough
I failed to be the guy
Always by your side
Speed down and you will find
New give and peace of mind
Us two we´re the same kind

You decide, take one step at the time
And the road is a drag, I know
Well, just pick up the phone
I am game for a walk you know
Understand I don´t judge or demand
Just want you to know the bottom line
My love for you is unconditionnal

Obvious enough
I failed to be the guy
Always by your side
Speed down and you will find
New give and peace of mind
Us two we´re the same kind

You always did go with all your heart
Continue to do so
Break the circle, take it from the start
You can do it
You needn´t aim to be a star
You already are

When Shuffled Off

There! Did you hear that sound, feel that fear
The echo of a presence near, hanging in the air

Lower your voice
Give up on choice
Follow the trail
Unfold your veil

Find what you are looking for
Someone is here
Right out there behind the door

Mirror the void
like SB the Floyd
Utter insane
Is it a new game?

You search through the house
And you find that you are all alone in there
Can´t shake the feeling someone is stealing
Pieces of solid ground from here
Wide awake, you are still dreaming
Split between places you compose

Footsteps closing on on you
Spinning round and round, halfway drowned
Living lead

From all directions
Panic is creeping up your spine
Turns your light out as you cry out
It hits you what its all about
The sound, he fear
Now crystal clear
Your mortal coil long since disappeared
In the sleep of death
The dreams to come
Repeats on and on

Oil In Water

Days pass slowly Still here a float, unclean unholy
Spilling darkness and this oil slick is
all consuming and will taint any shore
Bioremediation may stop this horrid liquidation
I go all in feeding bio combustive agents
To ignite once again

A quiz for the diehard! How to blend the non-polar into polar
One day at the time now I grind
Emulsifiers should bind
I try and I fail. Messy oil in water
I know there is a way but the darkness it binds me

One a practical side I have plenty of time for field trials
Social behaviour a code to the layer of failure

Lab rats race inside a maze
Of norms and cultures I embrace, all but right

Take back what is mine
Restoring crash test mind
Wounds heal, I am fine

You make or break it
I ran out of time
I´m not the first or last of that kind

What I did just to be rid of that burden
Was the ultimate one way trip, facing it I admit weakness
The aftermath bill lefty me worse off and still in confusion
The ship of fools sails on a sea split in truth and delusion

Crude oil in water
A mental state disorder
Crude oil in water
Fresh out from the slaughter
Crude oil in water
Guess I drew the shorter
Crude oil in water
Free falling mortar

Storm Seeker

Restless I stare as the sea
The ocean is clam, inviting and free
Time has passed. Yes, another I was
For days in thundering storms I could blast

Saltwater summons the dried
A leatherback watching the tide, starry-eyed
Vessel in harbour now what to decide
Should I go for a ride?

The die has been cast
I link up the past and tie myself t the mast

Weigh the anchor junker tanker
Flee to open ocean, wind in motion
Be the perfect storm for me

Electric beings are illuminati
The tempest holds the key
Bitten by the love for lightening
Senses brightening
Here I go it is not unfrightening

Events they unfold as my boat lose control
I am flanked on each side by white creatures pop-eyed
They stare, do not brink some will float some will sink
None of them speaks and the chaos path peaks
I feed on the volt the havoc and salt
the storm is complete I have found what I seek
Now I start to stare to transform unaware
My shipmates and I look the same
The sea and the salt is to blame
You know the game
This fact of life I can no longer hide
Some say that I died

The die has been cast
Untied from the mast
By spectres living fast

Sailing on and on in silence
Flee to open ocean wind in motion
Be the perfect storm for me

Electric beings are illuminati
The tempest holds the key
Ridden with the love the need we bleed for lightening
Riders of the storm are frightening me

I can no longer remember what it was like
to stand tall on the shore


De siste ara fra jeg fyrte av min pil
Aldri har jeg sett tilbake, hevet over enhver tvil
Har jeg floyet, har jeg gjennomployet mitt mal til en sil

De siste ara fra du fyrte av din pil
Aldri har du sett tilbake hevet over enhver tvil

Ingen drikker fratis her
Og du blir spist pa langs
Jekk en pils og ro deg ned
Ri tvil med brijians
Til Alea
Vi er uten kjangs

Latest Album

Storm Seeker
Storm Seeker


Steinar "Azarak" Gundersen
Bass Guitar
ICS Vortex
Baard Kolstad
Petter Hallaråker


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