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  • Heavy Metal / USA

Formed in 1980, NITRO were able to record a 10" mini album thanks to financial backing from drummer Tim Wilson´s father Fred Wilson.

The ´Lethal´ record was subsequently picked up for European consumption by the Belgian label Mausoleum who added two new tracks and issued it in the usual 12" format.

"Lethal plus two" LP; US Metal band from PA that released a very rare 10" back in 1982.
This is the European RE on Mausoleum Records - added 2 tracks and released it in 12" LP format.
Tracks are "Breakin´ out / Ready / Magic / Deadline / Night owl / Nothin´ to miss / When the lights go out".

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Brad Gensimore
Bass Guitar
Tim Wilson
John Hazel
Dana Confer


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