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  • Thrash Metal / United Kingdom

Formed in York, England PANTHEON share a common philosophy and a vision to write honest, relevant music with an industrious attitude to match. To many of us, metal has often been a reaction to what is wrong with our society and to the problems that people have grown to accept as normal. It’s much more than just music, but an escape from conformity and a freedom that no one can take away.

“Humanity’s drive of curiosity has delivered both inspirational figures and achievements in history, but has also degraded into corruption, into a desire to control the uncontrolled, to harness what should never be harnessed and to pollute the minds of those who stand in the way”

The latest release ‘Intervention’ captures the raw sound of Pantheon and is a taste of their new found song writing ability, being well received in England and on the continent with appearances in Terrorizer and Germany’s Legacy Magazine.

Latest Album


Simon Dawson
Bass Guitar / Vocal
Andy Hayes
Danny Richardson
Guitar / Back Vocal
Matt Dawson
Guitar / Back Vocal


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