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  • Gothic / USA

Laurie & Jason, this is a great sample band history from another website I created. WRATH was founded in 1982 by bassist Gary Modica and guitarist Mike Nyrkkanen. Guitarist Scott Nyquist joined in 1984, vocalist Gary Golwitzer and drummer Rick Rios then rounded out the band that would catch the metal world´s attention with their six song demo, "Children Of The Wicked". The band´s live shows, which developed into a showcase of precision riffing and dynamic rhythms ignited... more »


Todesbonden - Sleep Now, Quiet Forest Todesbonden - Stormbringer


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Latest Album

Sleep Now, Quiet Forest
Sleep Now, Quiet Forest


Alex Hicks
Jason Aaron Wood
Guitar / Programming
Laurie Ann Haus
Vocal / Keyboard
Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert
Bass Guitar


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