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Factory of Dreams release official video for Seashore Dreams

Factory of Dreams release official video for Seashore Dreams

The new Factory of Dreams´ videoclip has just been released to support ´Some Kind of Poetic Destruction´, the brand new 4th album.

Directed by Emil Jonsvik
Produced by Hugo Flores

The video tells part album´s storyline:
After a long journey, Kyra sees the seashore ahead. She lays down on the sand, falls deeply asleep and dreams of Earth´s invasion and the secrets soon to unfold. Within the dream, Kyra stands inside a strange and eery house close to the seashore. The ocean shows her images of the hidden Star now closing-in on the planet and images of a Metropolis being engulfed by rays of soundwaves. The answer to Earth´s Fate is being revealed through ´Seashore Dreams´.

The new album will be officially released on May the 7th and features a 12-page book with 12 artworks to depict the full story, 12 new tracks (including the EXTENDED version of Seashore Dreams never heard before) and a bonus track, great guest singers, Hugo Flores musicianship and the sublime vocals of Jessica Lehto.

New album already Available @
Record Heaven
CD Universe

24.04.2013 03:17:52


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